Learn How To Build Your Own Holistic Business In Just 28-Days

My 7-Figure Secrets Will Remove The Trial & Error & Put You On A Prosperous,
Rewarding New Path

Are Your Goals Big Enough?
The holistic community is a place to learn, grow, and help others. It’s THE place to be if you have a bright light beaming in your soul with a calling help others and want to share it with the world.

And now that you have access to the Goddess Goals System, you are in the perfect position to help others that are lost.

There is an opportunity for YOU to become a tool for change.

This is because effective holistic modalities can only be taught by people that truly care. 

If you don't want to help people improve their lives, you’ll struggle to succeed…

I know that one of the reasons you’re here is to learn how to achieve your goals to build a better life for yourself.

But have you thought about how you could improve your life by helping others do the same?
You Can Spread Positivity, Help Others Achieve Their Health & Wellness Goals, & Live Your Dream Life While Doing It
I believe that if you can help other people, you have a duty to do it. It’s what led me to create Goddess Body Products, the Goddess Goals system and an entire holistic academy…

Which led you to this page right now.

If you have a message of healing & positive wellbeing to share or want to get more involved in the natural self care & holistic community, there’s never been a better time.

Because of the journey you’ve been on, you’re in an optimum position to take what you know and help others.

Living your making (vs. making a living) can support not only yourself but so many other people on a similar path. 

Others haven’t been as lucky as you to find this opportunity to forge (or scale) your own holistic health or natural beauty brand… 

And I want to show you how.
Are You A Goddess Goal Getter™?
If you’re a holistic healer, a natural self care enthusiast, a wellness coach, or budding kitchen chemist inspired to launch a new natural/wellness business or take the one you currently own to the next level…

You can’t afford to wait for all your business goals to build results & worse figure it out all alone. 

The truth is that the sooner you can hit your holistic business goals, the better your life will be, and the more people you’ll help…

Anything can happen at any time, so it's super important to take advantage of every opportunity possible to fast track you to reach your business goals.

The Goddess Goals™ system alone will help you achieve 2 goals each month, helping you make consistent improvements to your life. And instill great habits of consistency and discipline needed to see the fruition of your dreams come true. 

But you can only accomplish but so much in 1 month in reference to building and scaling a business!

 It took me 6 months to get my holistic product business to go from part-time income to full time income, & a few years prior to that of going to trade shows, vending at every holistic event I could, and really honing in on digital marketing that allowed me to scale so quickly once I got my products online. 

Now I have mastered all the ways to build, market & scale a holistic business from 0-7 figures and would LOVE to help you fast track your business goals. 

So if you’re:
  • A holistic health practitioner that wants to attract more customers
  • Someone looking to build their first holistic product or service business that’s feeling lost
  • ​A yoga instructor looking to turn their offline passion into an online business
  • ​A dreamer that is ready to create a change through natural beauty products
  • ​Or simply a well to do goddess that needs to transition from making a living to living her making, holistically
No matter where you’re at in your journey, if you’re ready to bring positive holistic change, I’ve created something special…



Goddess Goal Getter™
The Goddess Goal Getter™ system is a 28-day accelerated mentorship program based on the Goddess Goals 28-day system.

It harnesses the 8C’s and helps you accomplish an aspect of your goals. 

But instead of stopping at 2 goals each month to hit…

By the end of the 28-day cycle, Goddess Goal Getter™ will help you to create an entire business (or fill in the pitfalls to success in your current one)!

Whether you're just starting your holistic health & natural wellness business or want to scale your current holistic brand to a 6-7 figure brand Goddess Goal Getter™ is perfect!

“What makes perfect better for you?"

You'll learn directly from me! I’ll personally show you how to build and scale your business ONLINE.

The lessons I’ve learned launching my own multi-figure business are the same ones I'll teach you.

But unlike the years of trial and error that I faced… 

YOU won’t have to wait years to see results. 

I will mentor you every step of the way! But honestly I can't help everybody, nor do I want to. 

I only want to invest my time and energy in those women who want to be the change they wish to see in the world. The light bringers, the healers, the natural product producers, the herbalists, the fitness enthusiast, the plant based practitioners, the Goddess Goal Getters™ of the world. 

Avoid the pitfalls & mistakes, the not knowing the next steps, the frivolous investments in products/marketing/classes that just don't work!

Here’s what to expect:

  • How to build a beautiful high converting website that will create loyal customers. $5,000 value
  • ​My complete guide to the legal side of business, including trademarks. $2,000 value 
  • Everything you need to know about digital marketing, from email & SMS strategy, to social platforms & engaging content creation. $5,000 value
  • ​How to market your business in person to garner trust in your expertise &/or products $1,000 value
  • ​How to create a natural product or wellness service from scratch to help empower your business (service tract or products tract) $5,000 value
  • Plus, so much more!
Accelerate Your Business Goals In Only 28 Days!
What’s Included With The Goddess Goal Getter™ Accelerator?
The Goddess Goal Getter™ mentorship program brings you some incredible holistic support you won’t find anywhere else:

👑 Accountability

You don’t have to rely on motivation alone. Realizing your mission in life isn’t easy or simple. But I’ll not only keep you motivated to achieve your business goals, I'll help you push through to the fruition of them! I’ll be there to remind you of how powerful of a goddess you are and how much the world needs your gifts!

👑 Business Support

I’ve created successful businesses netting millions in revenue over the past few years, and you’ll follow the steps I’ve already taken on my journey to success. You’ll have access to lessons for every aspect of building, marketing & scaling your holistic business. You can remain confident knowing that my business & holistic health wisdom guides you to your abundant destination.

👑 Proven Holistic Strategies

The holistic service or natural product business model isn’t something that a traditional business company owner would understand. So the only person that can show you how to run a holistic business properly and with integrity is a holistic business owner.

👑 Multiple Weekly Support Calls

You’ll have the chance to join me in 2 weekly coaching calls and Q&A sessions to help you keep a clear direction and understanding of the next steps to implement in your holistic business launch (or scale) and if it’s headed in the right direction.

👑 Plus, So Much More!

The journey we’ll take together is one of growth. I’ll be here to help you through each stage of your business and help you unlock the life you desire most! Expect expert wisdom that brings you guidance and inspiration. You can succeed. I'll make sure of it.
Accelerate Your Business Goals In Only 28 Days!
This Is The Direction & Support Your Holistic Business Needs
You can’t afford to spend the next 3 years building toward a large goal because you are unsure what to do.

You need direction, so I’m offering you my hand. 

I’ll pull you out of the moonlit waters of confusion and into the captain's seat on your ‘entrepreneur-ship.’

And my tried and true business lessons, & x2 weekly coaching calls and Q&A sessions will help give you the GPS you need to arrive at your destination!

This course has a value of $20,000… 

But I know that if you’re already struggling to skyrocket your business, you might not have that kind of money sitting around.

I’ve been where you are, and I remember how it feels.

You feel like there is so much to do to reach your business goals.

But I’m helping you bring your dreams into reality!

I promised myself: If I ever truly ‘made it’ - I’d do everything possible to help others get to where I am.

And I haven’t forgotten that promise!

To give you the best possible chance to access the system that has already changed so many lives…

…and have a profitable and powerful business 28 days from now. I’m doing something incredible.

I’m not asking for a $20,000.00 investment from you today.

I’m not even asking for $10,000.00.

If you unlock the Goddess Goal Getter™ system from this page today, I’m cutting the price to $2,222!!!

Together, we will unlock the power of the 8 C system to build your business (from the ground up if needs be) and turn you into a holistic powerhouse!

This is a HUGE reduction, considering the level of value, time, expertise, effort & energy being provided to you in this accelerated holistic mentorship program.

This could be your only chance to be happy in your working life and find the balance you need in your home life.

If you don’t want to wait years to build to scale your holistic business or feel fulfilled in life…

You need to act:
Accelerate Your Business Goals In Only 28 Days!
Value: $20,000.00+

Price On This Page: Only $2,222

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who Will Benefit From Goddess Goal Getter™?

This Accelerator is for budding or seasoned entrepreneurs who want to succeed with building and or scaling a holistic business online.

You could be a yoga/fitness instructor, someone wanting to create a holistic or natural product and bring it to market, or a even health coach.

This mentorship is everything you need if you want to create a successful holistic business.

Not only will you benefit from your new or improved business, but everyone you help is someone that may have been lost without you in their lives!

 Who Won’t Benefit From Goddess Goal Getter™?

This mentorship is not for anybody that wants to start a business outside the natural health & beauty, or holistic service business model. 

 What is the Investment to Access the Goddess Goal Getter™
Accelerator ?

This mentorship is valued at $20,000.00, but if you purchase on this page, you can claim a special discount (almost 90% off) and unlock access for only $2,222!

 How do I access the Mentorship?

The mentorship is accessed online anywhere on earth where you have an internet connection! You will receive instructions on how to access mentorship seminars after sign up. You'll be able to access of all sessions & live Q&A calls in perpetuity i.e. foreva' Eva'.  
Accelerate Your Business Goals In Only 28 Days!
Value:  $20,000.00+

Price On This Page: Only $2,222

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Copyright 2022 GoddessBody Inc.